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XAVIER GARCIA, Character Barcelona is a company marked by the character of the city of Barcelona and its local designer and artist, Xavier Garcia. Always focused on capturing and conveying a unique brand with personality and authenticity just like the city itself, the company is growing year after year in staff and turnover, exporting its essence and culture around the world through its signature collections. Original and bright urban eyewear with colour combinations and shapes inspired by the city and its constant movement. Eyewear with a strong attitude to please the wearer; people aware of the urban character of a creative, authentic and maverick Barcelona.

The character of a brand or the brand of a character*

Barcelona is design and trends. It is urban and sociable. It is colour and sensitivity. It is history and movement. Just like Xavier Garcia. It is attitude and character. It is expression and authenticity. It is personality and originality. It is common sense and impetuosity. Just like Barcelona. Xavier Garcia is Barcelona character. And Barcelona is Xavier Garcia character. Or was it the other way round?

* trait indicating the essential nature of a person or a thing which makes it possible to recognise it or distinguish it from others.


Xavier Garcia


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